Top 10 Best Mamypoko Diapers Small Size Under 699

Top 10 Best Mamypoko Diapers Small Size Under 699 – Diapers are slowly becoming a necessity for babies and hence MamyPoko has come up with MamyPoko Pants Standard. It is the most affordable diaper variant in the market. Backed by Japanese Technology brought specially from Japan to India, it has up to 10 hours of absorption for your child’s comfortable and peaceful sleep. It has an Easy to Wear and Remove Function in order to keep your child cheerful and happy all the time, in turn keeping you happy.

Perfect for Your Baby’s Delicate Skin

Make your baby feel comfortable all throughout the day or night with the Mamy Poko pants standard small size diapers. Featuring a quick-absorbent core, soft elastic band and comfortable leg gathers, these diaper pants are the best choice for your little angel. The soft elastic band of these Mamy Poko pants provide a comfortable fit so that your baby walk, run and play around without facing any discomfort. Thanks to their breathable material, these diaper pants allow air to escape at a quick rate and ensure that your baby feels dry, fresh and clean. Thus, these Mamy Poko pants also protect your child from rashes and redness.

Quick Absorption and Comfortable Leg Gathers

Featuring a quick-absorbent core, these Mamy Poko pants standard can absorb up to four glasses of water. Furthermore, you can easily pull up the diaper just like a normal pair of pants. Make use of the tear-away side seams for convenient removal of soiled pants. With soft leg gathers, Mamy Poko pants prevent leakage and allow your little one to enjoy uninterrupted playtime every day. With the colourful graphics on these Mamy Poko pants small size, your baby will love wearing them. Moreover, the Mamy Poko pants price is reasonable, so you can afford to keep your baby snug and dry in these diaper pants always.

  • Brand: Mamy Poko
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 4 to 8 kg
  • Quick-absorbent pad that up to 4 glasses of fluid
  • All-round elastic wide band
  • Soft leg gathers that prevent leakage

List Of Top 10 Best Mamypoko Diapers Small Size Under 699 :–

Best Mamypoko Diapers Small Size Under 699

Best Mamypoko Diapers Small Size Under 699

Best Mamypoko Diapers Small Size Under 699


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Outstanding Features & Benefits


A comfortable bed of absorbent bubbles for a soft & dry feel, all at once.

Soft comfort of Bubble-Bed.

A truly soft inside layer which feels like a bed when the baby wears the diaper pant.

Upto 12 hours absorption.
Absorbs for upto 12 hours to keep the baby’s skin dry and comfortable overnight.

Triple Leak-guard.
An extra padding on the sides of the diaper pant to help reduce leakage from the sides on to the baby’s thigh.

How to use & dispose


Lift the baby’s legs one by one and pull the diaper pant up. Follow ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ direction on the diaper.


After the Diaper is fully used, tear off both sides
and pull the diaper
down for removal.


Dispose of the used diaper in dry waste bin. Do not
flush the used
diaper in toilet.

About MamyPoko Diapers

Blessing the growth of children. Gratitude for their beaming smiles.

The small daily growth of a child gives great joy to it’s mother. MamyPoko supports a mother’s deep affection for her children as they grow. With it’s high quality and advanced features, the MamyPoko brand supports parents by reducing the burden of child-rearing tasks and enhancing the joy of child-raising.


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