Best Huggies Diapers Wholesale Price – Monthly Mega Box Pack

Huggies Diapers Wholesale Price – Monthly Mega Box Pack | Over a way to maintain babies’ rearends tidy, diapers will need to be comfortable, cozy, and quality controlled. Would Huggies diapers give parents what they want and desire?

Babies, as unpredictable and inconsistent since they truly are, have one big thing in common. This is their continuing and fervent demand for diapers. There might be a number of items that parents do not agree on, but having a caliber diaper for their little bundle of joy is universally a must.

If you’re searching for birthdays, Huggies is actually just a fresh which comes highly advised. In terms of relaxation for the baby, the price of the bag, and quality of the item, Huggies ticks all of the boxes.

Weighed against competitors, Huggies Diapers are known to higher value for money. More to the point, the diapers cause-less diaper rash or skin discomforts on the baby’s delicate skin.

A popular brand, Huggies Diapers have demonstrated successful by many satisfied customers. Learn more here about why Huggies Diapers are therefore widely advised. Huggies Diapers Wholesale Price.

Huggies Diapers Wholesale Price – S Size


Huggies Diapers Wholesale Price – M Size


Huggies Diapers Wholesale Price – L Size


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Huggies Diaper Pants with Bubble Bed Technology

All New Bubble Bed Technology

Introducing next generation diaper pants with Bubble-Bed technology, 1st time in India! As parents, your ultimate objective is the care and comfort of your baby. Next generation Huggies Wonder Pants with Bubble-Bed ensures that your baby’s delicate skin stays soft and comfortable, while providing up to 12 hours of absorption. With Bubble wala Huggies, your baby’s skin will remain dry and protected, day & night.

Outstanding Features & Benefits


A comfortable bed of absorbent bubbles for a soft & dry feel, all at once.

Soft comfort of Bubble-Bed.

A truly soft inside layer which feels like a bed when the baby wears the diaper pant.

Upto 12 hours absorption.
Absorbs for upto 12 hours to keep the baby’s skin dry and comfortable overnight.

Triple Leak-guard.
An extra padding on the sides of the diaper pant to help reduce leakage from the sides on to the baby’s thigh.

How to use & dispose


Lift the baby’s legs one by one and pull the diaper pant up. Follow ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ direction on the diaper.


After the Diaper is fully used, tear off both sides
and pull the diaper
down for removal.


Dispose of the used diaper in dry waste bin. Do not
flush the used
diaper in toilet.

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